About Us

Andrea Mária Grónay

Managing Director
Mrs GRÓNAY represents and coordinates the Agency (CDDA Nonprofit Ltd.). She is responsible for the legal operation of the company in accordance with the tasks based on the Central Danube Development Council’s founding documents. Her professional work ensures the organisation’s effective and sustainable operation while promoting continuous development in various areas such as spatial planning, coordination, tender- and project management, support of local initiatives, international projects, and many other assignments.

Zoltán Fockter

Financial Director
Mr FOCKTER is in charge of the finances in case of both the Agency (CDDA Nonprofit Ltd.) and the Council (CDDC). He is responsible for the financial planning, coordination and monitoring of every action while having contributions in operative tasks.

Boglárka Barkó

International and Top-priority Project Manager
Mrs BARKÓ works for the Agency (CDDA Nonprofit Ltd.) as an International and Top-priority Project Manager. Her main tasks within the organization are: development of international projects, management of projects with high priorities.

Zsuzsanna Majoros

Professional Director
As the Professional Director, she coordinates the implementation of the programmes and projects contained in the short-, medium- and long-term strategic documents of the Central Danube Priority Area, the review of strategic directions and materials, and the operation of the related monitoring system. She is also responsible for generating and managing the implementation of projects under the sectoral priorities of human and economic development and for providing related expertise. She is actively participate in the expansion and diversification of the Central Danube Devolopment Agency's partnership network.
7020 Dunaföldvár, Kossuth Lajos u. 2.
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