Slovak-Hungarian cooperation on social enterprises

The SocIn project was conducted between January 1 and April 30, 2022, in cooperation with the Forum Minority Research Institute (FMR) and KDMFÜ Nonprofit Kft. (CDDA).  Its aim is to support the creation of new ideas and initiatives in the field of social innovation and social enterprises with a new podcast service (audio and video).

The implementation of the project enables the generation of further Slovak-Hungarian collaborations and projects focusing on social innovation.  For this purpose, the main element of the project is the creation of a podcast studio in Somorja, in the headquarters of the FMR, and the preparation of a detailed podcast plan for 1 year, of which planning and implementation CDDA's embeddedness in the social innovation ecosystem will be used, both at the Hungarian and international level. An online SocIn conference was also held, connecting the most important players in social innovation and social enterprise field.

The priorities of both members of the project partnership include the support of social innovation and social enterprises, and for this reason partners feel the need to involve new technologies into this activity. The FMR is a particularly important organization for the Hungarian community in Slovakia.  Since its establishment in 1996, it has become an integral part and often a supporter of the development of Hungarian civil organizations in Slovakia.  The CDDA has been operating since 2020, during which time it prepared the Development Concept (2021-2035) and Strategic and Operational Programme (2021-2027) of the Central Danube Priority Area. The OP includes several programs that support the regional promotion of social innovation and the development of social enterprises.

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