Central Danube Development Council

Dear Visitor! 

As the president of the Central Danube Development Council, I welcome You at our website together with our work organisation, the Central Danube Development Agency. 

The establishment of the Council commenced the professional work in Hungary's most recently designated Priority Area with aims to sustain the progress achieved by previous development programmes and to attract new investments in the region, relying on the expanding infrastructure capacities in the long term. 

I find it immensely essential to reinforce natural relationship between municipalities located in the Priority Area, thereby transforming the area into an integrated territorial unit. In pursuance of which, the continuous conciliation activities of governmental and municipal bodies are fundamental.  

As the work institution of the Council, one of the Central Danube Development Agency’s core objectives are to supply the municipalities with useful information, news about tenders, and with services related to management (project development and consultancy, urban and strategic planning.  

It is vital for us that inhabitants and those living in the broader environment of the dynamically changing Central Danube Priority Area explore and gain knowledge on the 99 settlements assigned to it, therefore each of them are presented with a description at the website. 

We provide up-to-date information on current application opportunities, events and many more. 

Stay with us and discover the possibilities! 


dr. Brigitta MIKULÁS


Central Danube Development Council 

Central Danube Development Council

Amendment to Act XXI of 1996 on Regional Development and Spatial Planning, which entered into force on 1 July 2020 made it possible to establish a new priority development region in Hungary, the Central Danube Priority Area comprising 99 municipalities. Demand on the declaration of the Central Danube Region as a priority area has been strengthened by the fact that the provision of high-level human resource needs during the construction of the large-scale investments expected in the area raises unique institutional development and cooperation needs, which expectations provide the right foundations and opportunities for achieving long-term sustainable regional development.

The Central Danube Region includes the area of the Danube Valley and all the municipalities of Mezőföld and Kiskunság landscape areas. The priority area is the common cross-section of three Hungarian regions and counties, Bács-Kiskun, Fejér and Tolna counties.

Harmonious development activities require regional approach, continuous development cooperation and effective organisational coordination from central and local, regional, county municipal and governmental actors. In order to establish wider regional co-operation and strengthen the existing network of contacts, a regional development organisation called the Central Danube Development Council (CDDC) was formed on 4 August 2020.

Tasks of the Central Danube Development Council

regularly examines and at least every two years evaluates the social and economic processes and environmental condition of the region, identifies its development needs,
publicly discloses the results of the above mentioned examinations through the territorial information system,
develops the territorial development concept and programme of the area in accordance with the National Development and Territorial Development Concept,
may conclude agreements with the ministers concerned on the financing of the regional development programme,
monitors and participates in the event of governmental decision in the implementation of the tasks of the operational programmes concerning the area,
gives a preliminary opinion on the Territorial Development Concept and Programme of the counties according to its area of ​​competence,
prepares a report on its activities by 31 March each year following the year in question, which shall be sent to the Minister responsible for strategic planning of territorial development,
gives a preliminary opinion on the highest-level national planning document for the use of EU funds for cohesion purposes, as well as the national and the sectoral and territorial plans concerning the priority area,
submits the Regional Development Concept and Programme to the Government through the Minister responsible for the strategic planning of regional development,
manages the implementation of the territorial development programme of the area,
decides on the use of the development resources allocated to its own competence.
7020 Dunaföldvár, Kossuth Lajos u. 2.
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