Within our project development framework we examine opportunities based on local demand, while bringing them in line with the development guidelines stated in the Strategic and Operational Programme of the Central Danube priority area.

Our partners of high interest include local governments, agricultural producers, SMEs, large companies, nonprofit organizations from the civil sector and social enterprises.


We provide the following project development services:

  • Examination of the local development possibilities and demand analysis;
  • Assessment and elaboration of project ideas;
  • Project development based on current needs and previous surveys;
  • Project plan assembly;
  • Mapping funding opportunities: tenders, investors, loans, venture capital and other (reimbursable and non-refundable) financial instruments;
  • Tender monitoring and preparation;
  • Complete implementation of projects (application, project preparation, coordination of licensing processes, project management, implementation and realisation, documentation, monitoring);
  • Feasibility studies preparation;
  • Conduct of public procurement and other acquisition procedures;
  • Coordination and organization of professional tasks during projects;
  • Composition of financial and technical progress reports.


We have extensive experience in strategic planning. Based on the Government Decree 218/2009 (X.6.) and the Guidebook provided by the Ministry of Finance we prepared the Regional Development Strategy and Operational Programme of the Central Danube priority area. This knowledge is also applied in the preparation of development plans for municipalities and other local entities.


Under urban development and strategic planning services, we provide the following:

  • Settlement Development Concept (SDC),
  • Integrated Settlement Development Strategy (ISDS),
  • Integrated Area Development Programme (IADP),
  • Area Action Plan (AAP),
  • Sustainability Strategy and Plan,
  • Environmental Programme,
  • Local Equal Opportunities Program,
  • Climate Strategy.


Our task is to establish a permanent partnership with regional key actors, through which with a diverse methodology we can utilise their potential while enhancing the development of their organizations, institutions, communities, and essential processes. The focus in our work is the creation of efficient and potent networks, co-operations and organisations. We believe that sustainable cooperation is only possible amongst stable and open actors. Our team is strengthened by experienced coaches, trainers, consultants and adult-education experts.


Most sought after elements of the development programmes by existing Partners:

  • Senior- and middle-manager education for public, private and nonprofit sectors in all industries;
  • Work analysis and planning in organisational environment;
  • Consultancy related to HR management;
  • Analysis and optimization of organizational procedures;
  • Planning and revision of organizational and operational policies;
  • Preparation and review of Environmental Sustainability Plans and Equal Opportunitiy programmes;
  • Establishment of effective and efficient cooperation (team coaching);
  • Skills development measures in situational communication;
  • Analysis and composion of business models and related plans (business development);
  • Design and implementation of social and environmental impact measurement systems;
  • Generation- and operation support of community initiatives;
  • Adult education consultancy in alignment with current legislative changes;
  • Advice on enhancing R&D&I activity;
  • Aid in intersectoral cooperation involving large regional companies, SMEs, non-governmental and nonprofit organisations.

Central Danube Priority Area (CDPA) DATABASE

The primary purpose of the database, based on the requirements of the Government Decree 218/2009 (X.6.), is to provide information for the Central Danube priority area’s strategy (concept, development strategy, SEA, OP) and annual monitoring report.

The information is gathered from the area defined by the 99 municipalities of the region. The database and monitoring system was developed in a unique, customisable fashion making it suitable for time-series analysis for every settlement in the region.

Following the identification of relevant regional data assets in accordance with the planned developments, they were collected and organized into a database. The system is designed to label and filter available data assets by priorities and/or areas of action related to the Strategic and Operational Programme, thus accomplishing an effective preparation and evaluation of planned developments.

The database, with several years of information regarding the 99 municipalities, includes the following datasets:

  • Area, living population, permanent population;
  • Migration and vital events (e.g. births, mortality, emigration, etc.);
  • Municipal budget;
  • Trade, tourism, and catering;
  • Housing, construction and deconstruction;
  • Communal services;
  • Health and social care;
  • Education;
  • Culture;
  • Institutional endowment;
  • Agriculture;
  • Businesses and nonprofit organisations;
  • Industrial parks;
  • Postal services, telecommunications, car stock data;
  • Unemployment and civil servants;
  • Public aid;
  • Traffic accidents.
7020 Dunaföldvár, Kossuth Lajos u. 2.
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