In the spring of 2022, the Central Danube Development Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability Company (CDDA Nonprofit Ltd.) submitted a proposal in partnership with 10 other international organisations, abbreviated as BIOWIND, which was approved in the framework of the Interreg Europe Programme, and as a result, the project implementation period started on 1 March 2023.

In accordance with the legal requirements, the CDDA Nonprofit Ltd. has recently prepared the Situation Analysis, the Development Concept (2021-2035) and the Strategic and Operational Programme (2021-2027) for the development of the Priority Area. The International Strategy, which was prepared as a supplement to the development documents, aims at the Agency becoming one of the most successful applicants in the Central Danube Region by the end of the European Union budget period 2021-2027.

BIOWIND will enable partners to address two major, intertwined inhibitors for the proliferation of wind energy: a) the opposition of local communities, and b) convoluted permitting procedures, both fuelled by concerns over biodiversity and impact on social cohesion. Sets forward an integrated wind planning approach addressing all dimensions of the “Climate-Biodiversity-Public opinion” nexus, to enhance social acceptance and secure sustainable wind energy expansion. BIOWIND will work for the convergence of wind energy and biodiversity policies, put in place dialogue mechanisms with the civil society, introduce social financial participation & benefit sharing schemes, and improve collaboration with the wind sector at local level.

Considering the fact that the geographical conditions of Hungary are less favourable for the development of wind energy utilisation (due to Hungary's basin-like geographical location there is no constant wind direction, duration and strength), and the fact that the possibilities of wind farms are highly influenced by the local topography, in addition to the wind conditions, and also by the strict nature conservation restrictions, the project will be implemented by CDDA Nonprofit Ltd. will share international best practice and experience within the Priority Area, as undertaken in the project, and will also undertake awareness-raising activities for the general public and experts.

Project title: Increasing social acceptance for wind energy in EU regions through environmental and community based planning

Acronym: BIOWIND

Duration: 01 March 2023 -  01 June 2027

EU contribution: 1,57 M EUR

Project partners: Region of Western Greece (LP), Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Zemgale Planning Region, Northern and Western Regional Assembly, University of Patras, Province of Flemish Brabant, CDDA Nonprofit Ltd., Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie Region, Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia - General Directorate of the Natural Environment, Asturias Energy Foundation, The Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA).


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